AI-Generated Content: Risk to Your Website’s SEO

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Let us understand how Gen-AI content truly influences your website’s SEO, and should you be concerned?

With the rise of popular tools like ChatGPT and Gemini easily accessible to the general public, it becomes easier to create text content in a range of formats, styles, tones and languages.

They also generate human-like responses to questions and draft well-written content for emails, essays, and more. 

However, while it may seem lucrative to use these tools and quickly create content for your business, it might sometimes affect your website’s rankings and ultimately, your overall digital marketing strategy. 

Optimising content with the help of AI: A Strategic Approach

We believe that relevant & authentic content is the topmost factor that drives your website’s  search engine rankings, there is no substitute for original & engaging content. Content curated specifically for your targeted user increases site’s traffic, which ultimately improves your website’s authority.

Here are some key strategies to optimize AI content for SEO:

Manual editing and Fact-Checking:  Always thoroughly review and edit AI-generated content for accuracy, originality, and human tone.  

Focus on User search Intent: Don’t just stuff your content with keywords; ensure that it genuinely addresses user search queries.

Maintain Authority: Use AI as a supplement to your human expertise, not a replacement. Strive to establish your website as a trusted information source. 

Prioritize Engagement and readability: AI-generated content can sometimes appear robotic. So you must ensure your content is engaging and easy to understand for human readers. 

Analysing the Risks: Can AI Content Affect Your Website’s Ranking?

With the use of right prompts, Artificial Intelligence tools prove to be of great help in content creation. As a responsible SEO content writer, if you want to maximize your digital marketing efforts, you must explore the different ways of integrating AI content into SEO strategies.

Here are some of the factors responsible for your website’s ranking:

Content Quality: AI-generated content can possibly lack the depth and human touch that search engines and users look for. 

Originality Concerns: AI content can struggle with originality, potentially leading to plagiarism or copied information. 

Misinformation Risks: Since AI tools rely on existing data sets, there’s a risk of possible misinformation or inclusion of incorrect facts.

So, there are a lot of ways in which AI generated content could possibly hurt your website’s ranking on search engines. Hence, it becomes extremely important to use it responsibly.

 Is Google okay with Copied content?

Google, the leading search engine, has maintained that the use of AI-generated content itself doesn’t directly impact search rankings. It prioritises high-quality, informative, and trustworthy content, regardless of its creation method. This means that AI content can still be valuable for SEO, but only if it meets Google’s stringent quality standards.

Understanding the consequences of deviating from Google’s guidelines is important. As Marketing agencies or content creators we must be aware of potential penalties and guidelines to ensure our SEO strategy aligns with search engine algorithms when using AI content.

Here’s a good news for you, Google clearly states that “Appropriate use of AI or automation is not against their guidelines”

FAQs – Addressing some common queries that you may have. 

1. How can I optimise AI content for search engines?

2. What are the pros and cons of using AI tools for content writing? 

Few benefits of using AI tools include increased efficiency, content scalability and the ability to generate large volumes of content.

However, drawbacks may include potential issues with content readability, creativity, and a lack of nuanced understanding as compared to human-generated content. So, the best way is to strike a balance and combining AI-generated content with human oversight can provide ideal results.

3. Can AI content impact website rankings negatively? 

While AI-generated content can increase your writing efficiency, there’s a risk of them negatively impacting rankings. If it lacks relevance, quality or originality. Because, search engines prioritise user experience, so ensuring that your content meets these criteria is crucial to maintain and improve rankings.


Undoubtedly, there are some potential risks involved, when it comes to affecting your website’s SEO. But, implementing best practices can reduce concerns and yield positive results. Therefore it is important to strike a balance between AI generated and human crafted Content.

What are your thoughts on the integration of AI and SEO Content Writing ? Feel free to share your insights on this or ask any questions you may have, in the comments below. 

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